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We take pride in delivering superior commercial roofing services to Southern Wisconsin. We're honored to share our 70+ years of history and experience with you.

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The next generation

Fast forward to the late ‘80s, Cy’s youngest son Dave spent many summers working for the family business. Dave loved it so much that the day after he graduated from UW – Madison, he began full-time at Tilsen. He eventually took over Tilsen Roofing and still runs it today.

On Top of Wisconsin Since 1953

When Cyril “Cy” Tilsen got back from World War II, his determination to provide for his family led him straight to work with a local construction contractor. A veteran B17 bomber pilot, Cy was no stranger to hard work and quickly found success in Madison’s construction industry.

Cy’s work continued until 1953 when he bought a truck and started Tilsen Roofing. His integrity and commitment to clients led to growing work in Southern Wisconsin, including projects like the original Hilldale Mall, the former Madison General Hospital, an addition to the Edgewater Hotel, and more.

Tilsen roofing today

The values that helped shape Tilsen Roofing back in 1953 are as important to us as ever.

Long-term client relationships
We pride ourselves on building client relationships that last. Some of the commercial roofs we’re doing today we originally worked on 50-60 years ago.

Transparency and honesty
We’re committed to helping the life of your roof last as long as it can, offering roof repair, waterproofing, and more. If you don’t need a new roof, we’ll tell you.

Responsiveness to client needs
A call to Tilsen Roofing is met with rapid response. We are ready and equipped to meet client needs in a timely fashion.


We're passionate about working with clients on extending their roof with their budget in mind. Get a quote for roof maintenance, repair, and more.

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